Visual+ Theme

Visual+ is a terrific theme for displaying images, photography and artwork. It comes with advanced theme features like infinite scroll, background options, image lightboxes, and font options. There is also friendly theme support.

View theme demo.


Premium Features

  • Three color schemes: Light, Dark and Minimal
  • Lightboxes: View images full screen in a lightbox layout
  • Typography: Several font options from Google fonts
  • Infinite Scroll: Have posts dynamically load as your scroll
  • Backgrounds: Set a custom background, including full page backgrounds
  • FadeIn effect on page load

Standard Features

  • Masonry layout: Regardless of the featured image height and width (or even if no image is selected) the posts will look great in a nice dynamic grid.
  • Responsive Layout: Visual looks great on small screens, such as tablets and smartphones, as well as on laptops and desktops.
  • Icon Font: Pixel dense retina displays look great with this theme because of the icon gylphs from Entypo, by Daniel Bruce.
  • Solid code: Visual is built off of the Underscores starter theme and uses WordPress best practices.

Options Panel Screenshot


Light Color Scheme Screenshot


How to Use the Theme

  • Purchase the theme and you’ll get a download link sent via e-mail
  • Upload the zip file to your WordPress install under “Appearance” > “Themes” > “Install Themes”. Click the upload link.
  • Set your menu in WordPress (under “Appearance” > “Menus”)
  • If images don’t show up by default, you may need to set the featured image. Edit your post and click “Set featured image”.
  • If you are making changes to the CSS or template files, consider using a child theme. You can download this one to start with.

Visual+ Demo

See a demo of the theme.


Visual+ is $35. Licenses are valid for 3 years and can be used for up to 5 sites. If you have any questions before or after purchasing, get in touch.

For installation instructions, read this.

52 Responses

  1. Hello, thanks for making this awesome theme. I’m having a bit of trouble with the featured images in post. When clicked, some of them are not showing up full screen in the lightbox. All of them have at least a width of 1024px (next to the original of 1680px wide). I uploaded them all via the mediauploader when setting a featured image.
    What can be wrong? Thx and regards, Pieter

  2. DDN

    I am having problems with each post I make being a different color. I had used another theme before for about 200 posts then switched to this theme. All the past posts and now all my current posts fonts are all either black white or gray. I bought the upgrade to customize and can find nowhere to change font color.

  3. Hi Devin.
    Many congrats on your wonderful masonry theme!
    I have a question: is it possible to put research in the header or as a widget?
    Regarding the latter option, I cannot find how to make it visible…
    Can you help me please?
    Many thanks in advance!

  4. Hi Devin!
    What I mean is: I discovered sidebar containing widgets is only available in pages. Maybe in posts, too. But since I’m developing a blog using wp-o-matic, posts are created via rss reading. Secondly, I’d like to create a blog like including several links from different sources of a specific topic. That’s why reading will be great if supported by a search field or a tag cloud widget, in order to allow readers to find what they like more easily.
    Is it possible to include sidebar and widgets also in the front page (latest blog posts)?
    I hope so!
    Many thanks in advance for reply.

  5. Radek

    Hi Devin,

    what is the difference between and this theme? Looks like theme on is more polished (sidebar search widget for example) and with few more elements (post type under the post stream on homepage for example). Why is that?

    Also I would like to know, if your Visual+ theme has same functionality allowing videos posts and gallery posts as are on Visual.

    Thanks for info,

      1. Thanks so much for this, Devin. Plugins forced me to migrate from WP.COM to WP.ORG. On arrival, I was hugely disappointed to see the randomised header image etc. disappear. I am so incredibly relieved to have them back!

  6. Hi Devin, I’ve already purchase Portfolio+, but I recently found out that the post page of Visual theme is fitting more perfectly my content. Before this plus version, there’s a question: is there a way to have 2 pages with the post page template? I mean a grid summary I can fill differently (may one with post page and the other one with portfolio pages)? Thank you very much, Anna

  7. Brian Hancill

    Hi Devin – trying this out for my travel blog and I like the appearance a lot, but each of my posts is 600-1,000 words long and I’d prefer a home page that shows an image then only the first few sentences with a “Read More” link to the individual post page. Is there any way to achieve that? Here’s the URL:

  8. Hi, I just bought this theme, I have used your portfolio theme previously and now my posts don’t show up on the main page.

    What do I need to change from portfolio to this theme to show my posts?

  9. Kenn Fong

    Is there a way to make each of the three columns a different category or simply assign a post to a certain column? We want to publish six posts once a week on the same morning. This is possible by tricking the theme by changing the times of publication but it’s laborious and tricky depending on the size of the featured image and text excerpt.

  10. I noticed that there is an update for the Visual+ theme to 1.3.0. When I view the Theme details it says it cannot be updated automatically. How do I update it? I am currently on 1.1.0.

  11. Lukasz M. Pogoda

    “Licenses are valid for 3 years” — does it mean the user is out of updates after this date, or theme stops to work at all? :)

  12. I’ve enabled the Visual+ theme’s Lightbox option, but it only seems to apply to the first 7 or so featured images. Is there a way to have all the featured images on the first page display in a Lightbox?

  13. jaj

    …just finalizing a project with your great theme — and risking to ask a short question: how could I force the post titles — and I tend to have them long — to scroll word-by-word and not letter-by-letter as it happens to be presently?
    Best regards

  14. Love this theme! I have used it for over 3 years on my site. A problem has shown up in the WordPress 5.5 release. Nothing displays below the site header and menu. The elements are there, but not displaying. I have reverted back to WP 5.4.2, and it is working properly.

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