Portfolio Press has been downloaded from WordPress.org over 500,000 times. For the majority of people this basic version works great, but I always a get a few requests from people want more design and customization options. That’s why I built Portfolio+.

More Options

If your site is already running Portfolio Press, switching to Portfolio+ will be easy. And once you’ve activated Portfolio+, you’ll have options to change the text and link colors, hide the site tagline, change the number of portfolio items that appear per page, swap out backgrounds and more. I’ve also added some neat new features, like infinite scroll.

Screenshots of the Customizer:


I made a video walkthrough highlighting some of the features.

Feature List

  • Color Options for Text
  • Background Styling Options
  • Infinite Scroll
  • Option to use alternate URL for portfolio link
  • Full width option for individual posts
  • Automatic upgrades when new versions come out

Customize Further

You’re also welcome to customize the theme even further by editing the stylesheet. I built a child theme to put those customizations in. Please note, I do not offer support for customizing the actual theme code (PHP/CSS/Javascript).

Downloading Portfolio+

Portfolio+ is not longer being actively developed aside from minor compatibility updates. If you purchased a license which is still valid, updates will still be pushed out via the theme updater and support is available by email. For others, if you wish to download a copy of the theme you can find it on GitHub.

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  1. Hi Devin,
    Great WP Template … I’m a first time builder and doing a site for a friend but am well and truly stuck.

    Have created home page using Portfolio items. Have also created Pages and Navigation Menu. Now I want the 6 x Portfolio items on the home page to direct users to the corresponding menus across the top of the page. Is this possible? Am happy to purchase Portfolio+ but just checking to see that it will do what I need or is there another option.


  2. would love to purchase your portfolio plus theme. Unfortunately I can’t get past the first purchase screen. It just provides a white empty screen.

    such is life.
    hope all is well out there where you are.

  3. SHL

    I love portfolio press for my website. It’s super clean, super easy to use and just what I need. I would LOVE a feature for custom thumbnail generation–where all I’d need to do is upload my image, then select the area I want thumbnailed. That would be the selling point for me to upgrade to portfolio+.

  4. OF

    is it possible to set the home page as one specific portfolio category. As I have it, it’s a page using full width Portfolio. The problem is that it loads all portfolio items. I would like to have it load just one specific category. Perhaps creating another template and setting the Category var in there? Do you know the mark up? I have the paid version.


    1. Reiner

      Hi Otavio,
      Do you have found a solution for your request?
      I have the same requirement and looking for a solution.

      Thanks and regards

  5. I enjoy using your theme on my site very much – quite a few people have complimented me on the clean and professional look it has. I started with Portfolio Press and upgraded to Portfolio+ and enjoy it even more; I really appreciate the added options. Thank you for your fine work, Devin. By the way, thanks for the link to my site – very nice of you. Keep up the great work.

  6. Hi gradually working my way around Portfolio + Theme.

    Wondering if there is a way to have a different post or page colour compared to the body.

    Also unsure how to have a different image to the thumbnail.

    Ie. Thumbnail on home page when I click it shows a different image in the post/page.

    Otherwise Great work, Thanks

  7. Hi Devlin, I have been uploading images to my site and getting to know your Portfolio +theme a little better, I have a question. Hmmn how to explain?

    I understand that when I click on a thumbnail a page opens up and shows that image full size as the featured image but how do I stop the link that appears over the featured image.

    Cheers Dean

  8. Julie

    Thanks Devin, for a great theme! Is it possible to have the latest addition to each category show up on the Portfolio page instead of all the items in the Portfolio? (I have 6 categories)

  9. Hi Devin,
    I really love the theme, and after using the free version for one day I decided to support you with some green energy! I have a very strange question and hopefully this is an easy fix, when I upload a custom logo there isn’t a way to center align the logo to the page. I am sure this is easy, but not having a super heavy programming background, any help would be amazing.
    Thanks again for the great work!
    Ben Braman

  10. Hi Devin
    How are you??
    I really fall in love with your theme, the only thing is that i dont have any experience in wordpress XD but u can check how im going in my website with portfolio+.

    I have some questions that I will be so glad if you can help me.

    1.- why in my pages where the people put the reply, appear this message:
    You may use these HTML tags and attributes.

      1. Any word on this type of function Devin? Or any way to weight items so they show up in a given order and not just newest first? Thanks for the great theme!

  11. Hi Devin, is Portfolio+ mobile-friendly? I can’t seem to view the Portfolio (images) portion of my site on iPhone, but iPad and laptop look great. Just one click for mobile viewers to see the Full Site, but just wondering if I’m missing something to enable a visual experience in mobile mode.
    Thanks again, love this theme!

    1. Julie, it appears that you’re using WordPress’ “Mobile Theme” extension from Jetpack. You don’t need that with the Portfolio theme.

      Portfolio/Portfolio+ is fully “responsive” (that’s the buzzword;-)) ie. it adapts to any screen size and orientation nicely.

  12. Greg Grinnell

    Hi Devin,
    Great theme! I’m a little stuck on something that might be super obvious but…am missing it. How do you get the image that is the featured image in the post (as well as being used to generate the thumbnail on the homepage) to be clickable to enlarge? A la what they are doing here: http://www.alex-kunz.com/portfolio/slot/


    1. Devin is right, I’m using Auto Thickbox Plus plugin, and customized the single.php file to include the lightbox (I’m using a child theme, Devin provides it for download).

      Gren, if you send me a message through the contact form on my website I can send you my customized single.php file to play with. I believe I added the sidebar (with the tag clouds, I’m using the BetterTagCloud plugin) as well.

  13. Thanks for the great Theme. I started with Port Press and I liked it so much that after a day I upgraded to Port Plus.

    I have a question, which is probably something obvious, but all this is new to me. I’ve been playing with adding menus but I can’t figure out how to get the drop down menu’s like the example sites on this page. I can see drop down menu’s in the widget area but those seem to be if you have a menu on the sidebar or footer. I am trying to get the drop down in the header area. Do I need something extra to get drop down menus in the header?

    Many Thanks!

  14. Greg Grinnell

    Another question…anybody have any tips on dealing with the Portfolio Plus CSS vs. Retina displays on mobile devices (basically sees the responsive version as 1/2 size)? I know this is an issue everywhere but wondering if anyone had tackled it with this particular theme. Thx!

  15. Greg Grinnell

    Hmmm…I seem to be finding some strange things in the way Portfolio Posts deal w/users vs. regular Posts. 1) I cannot seem to change the authour of a Portfolio Post once it is published as there is no field/dropdown available to do so as there is w/regular posts (yes, checked screen options). not sure if there is a way to do this with Portfolio Posts Type plugin
    2) cannot find a way to enable email notification (either to Admins or Subscribers) on new Portfolio Posts.

  16. Jim

    I am becoming familiar with Portfolio Press. I can’t seem to activate “previous” “next” functions on pages, posts or portfolio. Is this supposed to work?
    Many thanks,

  17. I’m using Portfolio + on my site and whenever I used to hover over a thumbnail image on the homepage I used to get the type showing up that I had written about the image but now all I get is the message”Permanent Link” Not sure what I have done but I can’t find the part in the dashboard to change things back. Cheers

  18. Hi Dev,
    Firstly just wanted to say i’ve upgraded to Portfolio + great plug in, so well done…
    The only problem i’ve encounted is my sites description that comes up on google when i search for my site is wrong… The problem seems to be because i’ve used the portfolio 3 x 3 as my home page…… (which has no text to index)
    Because this page has no text (exept for the menu), the description that google uses is the menu text instead of a description of my site…….
    If you search “designon media” you see what i mean…. tryed to fix this with SEO plug in with no luck :(

    A bit of help would be much appreciated……
    Also will the new description take time to come up in google……

  19. Dan

    Hi Devin,
    I love this theme and want to get portfolio +, but first want to check if there is a way to make the thumbnails all the same size (the way they are in your sample), if the original images were not all the same size. I cropped sections for the thumbnails to make them the same dimensions, but they’re not showing up that way on the home page. Hope you can help and thanks!


  20. I’m using Portfolio + on my site and whenever I used to hover over a thumbnail image on the homepage I used to get the type showing up that I had written about the imagein a comment? but now all I get is the message”Permanent Link” Not sure what I have done but I can’t find the part in the dashboard to change things back. Cheers

  21. Hi Dev,
    Your Theme is great just a quick question wondering how i would insert a DIV TAG into the header of your portfolio theme? What i want to do is display my phone number and contact details in the header of your theme on the opposite side of logo

    How would i do this?


  22. Lisa

    I am looking for a theme that features a grid-based portfolio on the homepage, but has the option of the images linking to static pages (or static posts) instead of latest posts. Is that an option with your theme? If not, would it be difficult to customize?

    Most WP themes seem to come with the 2 standard options – fix hp to a single static page, or to latest posts….if anyone knows of a theme that offers the flexibility I’m looking for, please LMK! (Hoping Portfolio+ offers this?)


  23. I’m having fun reconfiguring my old MediaWiki site layout with your Portfolio Press WP theme. I need your help figuring out how to do these two things:

    remove the “Posted on March 6, 2013 by effie” stamp under the Portfolio title, and
    add the Portfolio Categories list to my Widget sidebar instead of the Post Categories since I’m not using my site as a blog.

    Do you have any solutions in place for these?

    Thank you!

  24. Hi Devin, my site has stopped showing the next / previous navigation below my images. I haven’t made any changes to the site in a few weeks and they were visible and working then.
    Thanks for your help,

  25. Hi,
    I purchased portfolio press, cannot seem to get my menu to show up at all.
    Switched from Firefox to Chrome. Tried re-aligning menu, making new one.
    Please, any suggestions.

  26. zzzi

    Hi Devin,
    i’d like to know if is it possibile to add page or article below the portfolio, in the homepage. I’d like to do a one-page site.
    Thank you

  27. I’m using custom Menus to display a list of Portfolio items, and the default is white text, no return. I dont see any options to control this, and wonder if you have an easy fix.

    I’m eyeing Portfolio+ for the custom color.

  28. Hi Devin,

    I want to remove Author & post date for my portfolio items only, and keep post date and author for my basic text posts in other categories. I’ve managed to remove author and post date but when i do, it removes it off everything. Is there a way i can just remove it off my portfolio sections?


  29. Jessica

    I would like to structure my site exactly as Timzart has in your example above. How do I achieve this? I have portfolio press right now and am looking to see if portfolio+ would allow me to nest portfolio pages. I’m going to have six thumbnails on the home page. I’d like each thumbnail to link me to a portfolio page, just like Timzart.

  30. Marco A. Giorgio

    Hi there! I need some help. As far as I can see the maximum no. of images which can be loaded to be shown on first page is 9 (nine) 3×3.
    Can this be changed? And if so, where and how?
    Thanks for your support, I’m getting mad!!|

  31. Thank you for this great theme, its perfect for showcasing art! I have a question. I uploaded portfolios using main categories (medium used), but would like to add tags or sub-categories for individual pieces. Is there a way for me to do this?


      1. Thanks Devin. I see the portfolio tags, but I’m wanting to tag individual pieces in a portfolio (some are birds, trees, etc). How can I tag individual pieces within a portfolio?

        I really appreciate your help!


  32. Hello Devin. Good work with this template. I would like to use it in my photoblog (1 photo per post). I already have more than 600 post and I don’t want to change the permalinks, is there any possibility to use this theme with only one post type and without changing the posts type into portfolio custom posts?
    If this is possible I will purchase your Portfolio Plus theme. I know it does not work this way normally, but I have no problem in change the template code files if you tell me which files to change.
    (Excuse me for my bad English :S )

    1. Dani, allow me to chime in here. If you’re trying to use portfolio posts for that, you’re going to go insane sooner or later. :)

      I tried that in the beginning, and recently (painfully) switched from the “one portfolio post per photo” approach to “one portfolio post per GALLERY” – this works like a dream for me, and the full taxonomy support of the portfolio post type is exactly what is needed to make it a pleasure to use, inviting users to browse more and explore the categories and tags.

      If you already have 600 posts, you may want to look into plugins like Justified Image Grid, which allows you to create galleries “on the fly” from posts (or custom post types) featured images, or Media Library Assistant, to complement your photoblog with galleries that basically build themselves.

      I described my setup in About/This Site on my webpage if you’re interested.

      1. Alex,
        I would love to know more about how to do this with a gallery. I read your About Page but I need more details about how to accomplish this. I, too, have hundreds of photos I need to figure out how to organize and I don’t want to make a single post for every one.

        I just bought the Portfolio+ theme and I think it is going to be great for me. I am still struggling to understand how to make a portfolio. I can’t find any detailed documentation anywhere. If I have missed it, please point me in the right direction.

        I can create a new portfolio but then, with the next item do I choose add new item or new portfolio? Do all the items go in one portfolio and then get called out by the portfolio tags/categories?

        I guess I am imagining that a portfolio is a filing cabinet and the categories are all the folders in file cabinet. Is that right? So if I had a portfolio called “Mixed Media” I might have a bunch of art work in there, then another one called “Photography” and another called “3D Art” and so on. Then in each of those would be a bunch of individual portfolio posts? And the featured image for each page is what shows up in the portfolio?

        Am I right?

        And boy, yes, I need to learn how to do the gallery thing Alex was talking about for my photos.



  33. Kelly louise

    Hi, About to purchase. Can you tell me if I can change the page title fonts? Not the colour, the font. Thanks,


  34. Is there an easy way to have the blog-roll archive (categories and tags) show up full content instead of text-only?

    Or even better, to have them show up as featured images like the categories show in the portfolio section

    Double thanks!

  35. Hi Devin,

    Is there a way to filter portfolio items that appear on the index page by Portfolio Category? In other words, on the main page of the site, I want to exclude Portfolio Items of a particular Portfolio Category.


  36. Ricky

    Hi Devin, great theme!
    I would like to have the previous post and next post navigation on the single portfolio page stay within the portfolio post’s category. Adding TRUE for in_same_cat to the next_post_link and previous_post_link functions doesn’t seem to be working for the Portfolio post type. Is there a solution?

  37. Pao

    Hi Dev,
    Firstly just wanted to say i’ve upgraded to Portfolio + great plugin I love it so much.
    I have one problem about change menus’s text colour. Can you tell me how can I change my menus text colour separately?

    Thanks a lot

  38. kim

    I’ve just started this process and with about a dozen free themes installed, there’s no doubt in my mind that Portfolio is the winner. Will most likely upgrade to Portfolio+. If I wait to learn a bit more before upgrading will any content I already have in place migrate seamlessly?

    Also, a totally daft question, I can’t seem to assign a homepage without a title, but I don’t want the title displayed on the page. How do I set the homepage without the title showing?

    Thanks much!

  39. kim

    I’m the impatient type and I just purchased and activated Portfolio+. What a difference. On the face of it you might not think the added features are much, but they are. It makes a huge difference! If you’re fence-sitting about purchasing – just do it!

    But I’m still baffled by how to get rid of the title on homepage.

  40. Ken

    Excellent theme. Works really well for my client’s purpose of showcasing her paintings. In combination with options-framework, portfolio-post-type and post-type-convertr plugins, it did everything I needed.
    The grid layout and continuous loading of thumbnails on the archive pages wins the day. Great work, Devin.

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