Screencast Tutorial for Gallery Shortcode

A lot of people rely on plug-ins like NextGen to display images on their website, but the built-in WordPress gallery actually works quite well for most situations. Here’s a short video tutorial explaining how to use it. I recommend checking out the codex for deeper explanation of the shortcode and the jQuery Lightbox For Native Galleries if you want a better presentation for clicked images.

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  1. Is there a feature to turn ‘gallery’ on? The gallery tab is not available to me, just the Media library. I’m using theme twentyeleven version 3.4.1.

      1. lisa

        I kind of figured it out part of it yesterday. It seems like this feature works only in upload form or is tied to the [gallery] shortcode per posting. What i had trouble with was grabbing an existing already uploaded file (like from library) and inserting it into the gallery element on the page or post. In my installation, once i select the gallery item, I see 4 tabs From Computer | From URL | Gallery (5) | Media Library. When i click Media Library to try to grab a previously uploaded photo and put into the gallery, there is no option to ‘insert gallery’ I can only ‘insert post’ Is there another way to get previously uploaded photos into a gallery? Thanks.

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