Portfolio Press has been downloaded from WordPress.org over 300,000 times. For the majority of people this basic version works great, but I always a get a few requests from people want more design and customization options. That’s why I’ve built Portfolio+.

Here’s quick demo of how it works:

More Options

If your site is already running Portfolio Press, switching to Portfolio+ will be easy. And once you’ve activated Portfolio+, you’ll have options to change the text and link colors, hide the site tagline, change the number of portfolio items that appear per page, swap out backgrounds and more. I’ve also added some neat new features, like infinite scroll.

Screenshots of the options panel and customizer:

You can also view the theme demo.

Feature List

  • Color Options for Text
  • Background Styling Options
  • Infinite Scroll
  • Portfolio Category Template
  • Option to use alternate URL for portfolio link
  • Automatic upgrades when new versions come out

Customize Further

You’re also welcome to customize the theme even further by editing the stylesheet. I built a child theme to put those customizations in. Please note, I do not offer support for customizing the actual theme code (PHP/CSS/Javascript).

Example Site Using Portfolio+


Portfolio+ is $29. Licenses are valid for 3 years and can be used for up to 5 sites. If you have any questions before or after purchasing, get in touch.

For installation instructions, read this.

205 thoughts on “Portfolio+

  1. Thank you soooooooo much for this great WP Theme. I have increased traffic to my site, gotten a lot of positive feedback, more recognition for my work and am spending less time trying to figure out how to “program” (I’m not a programmer) and more time out shooting and creating stories! You rock!

    Have just purchased portfolio+ to say “thanks” and to allow for further customization.

    • Devin wrote:

      Thank you for the purchase!

      • marni wrote:

        Love the theme but why are the thumbnails not as sharp as the images when they are viewed? Please take a look. If that can be fixed I will definitely buy the upgrade.

  2. Donny wrote:

    I love the simplicity of the user experience. Thank you for this.
    I don’t want or need a menu link at the top of the page – what line do I remove from the header – or style css to affect this change?

  3. Emily wrote:

    Hi Devin,

    I love Portfolio+ and have used it for my blog. Is is possible to set up an affiliates e-shop on my blog using portfolio? i just want to link to Amazon products I like, but would like the shop to look like a sleek portfolio not ecommerce websites…

    Many thanks. I love your work!


    • Devin wrote:

      Sure, you can link to external sites. There’s a custom field for that in the portfolio post edit screen.

  4. Laura wrote:

    Hi Devin! Just wanted to check , with Portfolio Plus, would I be able to make the header white and the menu text dark? Thank so much!

    • Devin wrote:

      Hi Laura. Yes, you can. But there isn’t an option for the menu hover background.

  5. I decided to go with Portfolio for my new website. However, when reviewing with my colleague we wondered if the next is possible:

    1. Set the content of the home page (we are showing a portfolio there) to 100% (we already set the layout to full-width with no sidebars but still are seeing that the content is centered).

    2. In the portfolio we set up for the home page we would like to see more than 3 thumbnails per line.

    We’re not sure if any of this is included in Portfolio+ or if it’s something that can be customized.

    I really appreciate your help.

    • Devin wrote:

      Hi Efrain. I can’t offer customization support like this, but yes, it could be done if you wanted to hire a developer to make those updates for you.

  6. Bob wrote:

    This looks very promising for a project I’m working, but I’m wondering about a key project requirement: random display. Does the initial gallery page have an option to randomize order of images? And I think I read that you could set filters by tags, so one could select a subset of images from total site and then randomize on the home page gallery?

  7. carly wrote:


    I am trying to figure out how I can make each Menu item open up to a different portfolio. But for right now, I can only get 1 portfolio on my home page. I can’t seem to assign a group of images to a different menu category.
    Is this possible?


    • Devin wrote:

      You need to set the “Portfolio Category” template on the home page.

  8. Hi Devin,
    Still playing around with Portfolio Plus. A little thing for a future updates regarding the custom logo.

    I can upload the logo just fine. Then I want to try something else so I upload another one. Then I want to go back to the first one and it doesn’t allow me to select a file from my media library. I have to upload it again which means I have to go back to the media library and delete the duplicates. Not a huge deal but a bit of a pain when I am trying out a bunch of ideas.

    • Devin wrote:

      I am able to select from the media library. Do you see the link for “Media Library” at the top of the modal?

      • Susan Taylor Brown wrote:

        Upload New tab

        and then, in the dotted line box it says drop a file here or select a file. No Media Library showing anywhere.

        I can’t attach a screenshot or I would show you.

  9. Tara wrote:

    Hi Devlin,
    When you add an image on a regular default page template, it creates a border around it. How can I remove this option.


  10. Yuval wrote:

    Hi Devin,
    I’m new to WP and starting off with my first photography portfolio website. Portfolio Press was one of the free themes I found attractive and I wonder If it’s possible to start with it and upgrade later seamlessly to Portfolio+.


    • Devin wrote:

      Hi Yuval. The upgrade is seamless if you haven’t edited any theme code directly. You may also need to reset the menu in it’s location, though your previously menu will be saved.

  11. Frank wrote:

    First a big thank you for creating and maintaining Portfolio+. I am using it with a NextGen plugin for more functionality.

    My question is, is there a way to order the Portfolio thumbnails on a Category page? It could very well be there and I’ve missed it.

    Varicose Ribbons

  12. emily wrote:

    Hi Devin,

    I want to use this theme for a second website I’m starting. Do I have to purchase it again?

    many thanks

  13. Naghmeh wrote:

    Thank you for such a great WP theme.
    I use an “Advance WP Query Search Filter plugin” with Portfolio+. This plugin uses the search page for showing the results.
    Currently the search result page shows only permalinks without any thumbnail images.
    I would like that the filter’s search result page looks the same as my home page with clickable thumbnail images.
    Would you please tell me how can I proceed to fix it?
    Thank you in advance.

    • Devin wrote:

      The default search should return images for portfolio items (though not in the portfolio layout). If you want this to work with the plugin, you’d have to figure out which template it uses to display the search results, and override it to use the portfolio archive template instead.

  14. Santos J wrote:

    Hi Devin;

    Thanks a lot for this great WP Theme. Really it works fine!!!

    I would like to only display a specific portfolio category on the homepage. Is that possible?

    Thanks in advance for your help and support.

    • Devin wrote:

      Hi Santos. No. You’d have to make a custom template with a custom WP Query that just pulls that one specific taxonomy.

  15. Santos J wrote:

    Hi Devin. Thanks a lot for your help and support. Another additional questions:

    Could I choose the featured picture for the thumbnails on a page with Portfolio categories template?

    Could the portfolio tittle-overlay be permanent? (not only it appears when the mouse is over the thumnail)

    Thanks in advance.

  16. Alexandra wrote:

    I’m going to get this… You are awesome!

  17. Christiaan wrote:

    Hi Devon,

    I love the free Portfolio theme so much that I just purchased the Plus version. Very nice.

    I do have a question:
    How can I get rid of the bylines (‘posted by’, date , time) in posts ?

    I am breaking my head over it as there is no customisation possible and the existing plugins I downloaded that do it don’t work.

    Some assistance would be nice .
    I like the blog section to be as clean as the portfolio section, if you get what I mean :).

    Thank you again :)


    • Nicole wrote:

      Were you able to solve this? I’ve been trying to do the same thing!

      • Bonnie wrote:

        Add this to the CSS:

        .entry-header .entry-meta { display: none; }

        et voilà!

  18. Hi,

    Thanks for this great theme.

    Unfortunately I have 2 issues.
    1. The menu doesn’t appear on small screens. I assume it’s meant to work like it does on this site. I.e click on menu and it appears. Bit on my site nothing happens when you click on it. For the moment I have done an ugly CSS change to make it appear at all times, but I’d like it to work like it does on this site.

    2. Infinite scroll prevents JavaScript from working in plugins. See below for an email from a plugin author explaining the issue.

    Hi Stephen,

    We tried your theme, but unfortunately it’s not going to work without a fix from the theme’s author. The good news is that AddToAny now works for other themes that implement infinite scroll using (or similar to) the JetPack plugin’s Infinite Scroll module.

    The technical issue is:
    Portfolio+ uses the jQuery Infinite Scroll plugin, which defaults to calling jQuery’s .load() method in way that strips out JavaScript and does not let it execute. Like most widgets, AddToAny requires JavaScript to function.

    A theme fix would be to load JSON and process the data similar to the JetPack’s Infinite Scroll module. This will retain AddToAny’s script blocks (and those of other common widgets & shortcode objects). Further, the theme should fire a standard post-load event in JavaScript once content is dynamically loaded (as JetPack’s Infinite Scroll does).

    • Devin wrote:

      Hi Stephen.

      1) It appears you’ve customized the menu?
      2) The next update of Portfolio+ will make it compatible with the JetPack infinite scroll plugin.

      • Hi Devin,

        I’ve now disabled the CSS change for the menu, it should now be the out of the box behaviour.

        I look forward to the infinite scroll changes.


  19. sterling wrote:

    Love the theme and it produced what I wanted and have already had a lot of comments about it. HOWEVER….. I cannot remove the posting from the home page. Don’t want any posts on the website. The other sites I have done have an option to simply not choose a post page. Is there anyway I can remove this or will I have to go to another theme. I somewhat cheated it by using another page called post but I don’t want to post or blog from this site. Thanks a lot. Sterling

    • Devin wrote:

      Set a different page as your home page. Can be done under “Settings” > “Reading Options”.

      • Hi Devin,

        I’ve now disabled the CSS change for the menu, it should now be the out of the box behaviour.

        I look forward to the infinite scroll changes.


  20. Chuck wrote:

    Is it possible to have two unique portfolios? I am looking to have one set of Portfolio Posts on the home page, and a second set on a different page. Another way to ask my question…can I exclude a type of post from the main portfolio?

    Thank you so much!

    • Chuck,
      I think you are asking for a customization beyond Devin’s theme – as I asked the same of him. If you are still seeking help of having 2 unique portfolios – I did that here: http://ralphsgreco.com/ so get in touch and I’ll help you out.

  21. Dean wrote:

    It has been a while since I did anything with my blog which is using
    Portfolio +
    anyway today I tried to change the logo with a new one that I have designed.
    But how can I upload the new logo?

    When I go to Theme Options I can see the logo I already have live on my site but no option to browse and choose a new Logo. Am I missing something

    I think I am having a Senior moment as this is a task that I find simple to do previously.

    • Naghmeh wrote:

      You should click on the “Remove” first, to remove your old logo. Then the “Upload” apears and you can upload another one.
      Hope that it helps.

      • Dean wrote:

        Thanks for the reply.
        That’s the bit that confused me as I was looking for a “browse” button but somehow I managed to upload a new logo but still in the design process.


  22. Dean wrote:

    I wonder is there a way when editing a themes CSS and inspecting the Theme in firebug to actually see the line number of the code which would make editing a lot easier?

    • Devin wrote:

      If you click the stylesheet link above the style, it will load it up the css in the browser with that line selected.

  23. Nicholas wrote:

    Dear Devin,

    Thank you very much for the awesome template. It really makes my site a great asset of mine.

    I have a little issue though. Generally everything works, however, some sites do not seem to open without a “second click” on the link. It just remains loading without the second click. This slows down when someone wants to go through the page. I optimized the speed of the site but the problem stays the same. Mostly it says “waiting for…” on the tap.

    Maybe you could have a look or you have solution for that.

    I really appreciate your help. Thank you.


  24. Dwayne wrote:

    Very pleased with Portfolio+

    I have one question and I can’t seem to find if it is even possible right out of the box or a customization is needed.

    On the portfolio page. Is it possible to have text above the images? just a brief sentence or two, not an articles worth.

    I may have created this problem myself; my menu has a link like: http://dwaynehaskell.com/portfolio_category/books-authored-by-dwayne-haskell
    Should that menu point to an actual page and some sort of code go on THAT page?


    • Devin wrote:

      Hi Dwayne. There isn’t an option to add text to the main portfolio page. You can add descriptions to your portfolio categories and tags, and those will show at the top of those archive pages. If you’re willing to edit the code, you could alter content-portfolio.php and add a hardcoded description- but it’s not something I cover in theme support.

      • Dwayne wrote:

        I got it figured out. I added descriptions and got what I needed. Thanks for the reply!

  25. hi devin
    i love portfolio plus site. i am a gardener and jewelry designer.
    i would like my home page to have two large size thumbnail photo linking one to GARDEN and one to JEWELRY. and then after clicking on garden or jewelry it opens to a new portfolio on that topic. is this possible?
    thanks for your help.

    • Devin wrote:

      You could set a page as your home page and insert two images into that page which link to the respective portfolio categories.

  26. Marius wrote:

    Hi Devin,
    in the portfolio i cant switch on that the people can leave comments.
    It is switched on but isnt shown. plz help.

    • Devin wrote:

      Check your general settings under “Settings > Discussion”.

      • Marius wrote:

        It works on the standardtemplate. it only works not on the portfolio template.

  27. Chuck wrote:

    It has been 5 weeks since I last added a Portfolio item, and now I get this error:
    Warning: in_array() [function.in-array]: Wrong datatype for second argument in /home/content/96/3570796/html/heartgallery/wp-includes/theme.php on line 1682

    Two other things that I’ve noticed; first, Theme Options is listed twice in my side menu, and second, I do not see a place in the Portfolio Post screen to set the main photo for the post. This selection is gone.

    Any suggestions? Thank you so much!

  28. Ken P. wrote:

    Under ‘main layout’ on the theme options menu, I chose a layout with a sidebar. But for portfolio posts, a full width layout would be preferable. Is there an simple way to achieve this in Portfolio+?
    By the way, thanks for the wonderful theme.
    Ken P.

    • Devin wrote:

      There isn’t a full width option for portfolio posts (only the archives), but I am hoping to add this in the next version.

  29. Ben G wrote:

    Hi Devin,
    Thanks for the great theme and the nice video tutorial support you have here. I know you’ve addressed this before, but I’m wondering if you have any ideas for a workaround for changing number of thumbnails on the homepage without accessing the functions.php doc. I’m at an institution where the individual users can’t have access to the php docs. Is purchasing the portfolio+ the only option right now? Any thoughts would be appreciated.
    Thanks again,

    • Devin wrote:

      Hi Ben. If your admins will add a commercial theme for you, perhaps they would add a child theme for you that has the filter? Either way would work. Also, I might double-check under “Appearance > Editor” that you don’t have write permissions through WordPress.

  30. Matt wrote:


    Just upgraded to your Portfolio+ theme – thank you! One of the reasons I upgraded is because you list “Option to use alternate URL for portfolio link” as a feature – but I haven’t been able to find that. I’d like to remove “/portfolio/” from the URL – please let me know how to do that.

    Thank you!

    • Devin wrote:

      Hi Matt. That refers to the url that the portfolio item links to from the portfolio post on the archive page. Check your e-mail though, we can see if changing the permalink is possible through a filter.

  31. Tavarius wrote:

    I only see the site title & tagline, navigation, and static front page panels in the customize panel.

    • Devin wrote:

      Are you sure Portfolio+ is activated? If you’re still using Portfolio Press you won’t see the additional options. You can also click to the “Theme Options” menu under “Appearance”.

  32. Ben G wrote:

    Hi Devin,
    We opted to upgrade to portfolio+. Thanks for your earlier feedback above.
    Now we’re having an issue with the thumbnails displaying properly for the full-width page template. They were looking fine for the sidebar page templates, now all three options seem to be corrupted and displaying oddly. I know you’ve recommended Regenerate Thumbnail plugin, and I’m waiting to see if we can install it. Any other suggestions? Thanks!

    • Devin wrote:

      Yes, regenerate thumbnails would be my first suggestion. You might also try clearing your browser cache.

  33. Bailey wrote:

    Are more footer customizations available in Portfolio+? Such as adding an image, changing the footer color, and changing the width? Or is this in the free version?


    • Devin wrote:

      Hi Bailey. You can change the text in the free version (including adding HTML for images, etc.). Portfolio+ has options for text color and background color in the footer.

      • Bailey wrote:

        Thanks Devin, I figured out the footer! Now, I’m having issues with uploading a custom logo/banner. Every upload with various sizes keeps getting resized/lower quality. I am uploading a high quality image and it when I add it to the site, it looks out of focus. What is the best size for a banner/logo? (At gallery.sou.edu).


      • Devin wrote:

        780px is the largest size for your site. If it’s larger than that, the browser will resize it- which can sometimes look blurry.

  34. Gary wrote:

    Hi Devin,
    Very nice theme. Do you have documentation somewhere? Also, I would like to not have a sidebar present on portfolio posts; how do I do that?


    • Devin wrote:

      You can watch the Portfolio Press video and read the FAQ there: http://wptheming.com/2010/07/portfolio-theme/. You can turn off sidebars for all templates (check the layout options), but there is not on option specifically for portfolio posts.

  35. Devin,
    Is it simple to have the Title of the Portfolio Item Remain “active” at all times in the Portfolio Page view? I’d like the Wording there without a hover action if possible.


    • Devin wrote:

      In this version that would be a bit complicated (b/c javascript is involved). But the next version will be pure CSS which you can override.

  36. Gary wrote:

    Hi Devin,
    Infinite scroll not working here: http://bit.ly/ZlgTTA
    I’ve 28+ Portfolio items I want to show, its only showing 15. I’ve switched the plugins on/off and no difference. Any help appreciated.

  37. Gary wrote:

    Hi Devin,

    I want to say thank you not just for a really great Theme but also for your help which is second to none, thank you.

  38. MarkS wrote:

    Thanks for the plugin Devon, I have recommended the plus version on three sites now.
    I have two Q’s about ‘portfolio category’ pages. I have 200 portfolios – one for each artist. Each artist has a portfolio tag of region they live in.
    1. I make a new page “Artists by Region” which uses the “portfolio categories” template. Works well. I see thumbnails of the first artist in each region. But if I add anything else to this page (like a map) – it doesn’t appear. Is this template overriding all page content ?
    Is there anything I can do about that to show my content ?

    2. Is there a way to make a new page that will show a text list of all the portfolios by name. (in usual order) Think of it as a text(link) index page.

    I expect I have to mod some code for these – Where should I start looking ? any tips appreciated. (I have successfully modded the theme to show 6 portfolios across everywhere I need it.)

    • Devin wrote:

      Hi MarkS. Glad the theme is working out for you.

      1. The “Portfolio Categories” template does not display the_content by default. You’d need to modify that template to have it display.

      2. You could make a template to display all the portfolio posts and list them by name. You can look at how the Portfolio Template does that query. Or the codex: http://codex.wordpress.org/Class_Reference/WP_Query. One issue is that if you have a lot of posts, it could be a big query. You might want to cache the query in a transient and/or make sure you have good caching on the site.

  39. I’m new to WP and have looked at what feels like a million themes. I’ve tried so many and yours is the one that does what I want in such a perfect and elegant way. So thank you a million times over.
    I’m having some trouble getting things set up the way I’d like- basically like you did on the Portfolio+ Homepage except I’d like the thumbnails to lead to galleries as opposed to single images/blog posts. This is how Alexander Kunz has set his page up. http://www.alex-kunz.com/.
    In the first post on your blog- the Standard Post item, you have this:
    “You can have a separate blog section by going to the options panel and unchecking “Display Image and Gallery Formats on Posts Page”. Then under “Settings > Reading Options” you can set whatever page you like to the “Posts” page.”
    I’ve looked at every option in Theme Options (General and Portfolio tabs) and I can’t find that check box. Am I looking in the wrong place? Can’t find it in any of the Settings panels either.

    • Devin wrote:

      Hi Greg. I’ve been writing posts about the upcoming version of Portfolio Press / +, but it will not be released until next week. For the moment, only post types are available for gallery displays.

  40. Hi,

    Once I click on a portfolio image I dont have the arrows under the image anymore
    even if the “Display portfolio navigation Show prev/next links to appear on portfolio posts” selected.

    How can I fix this?

    thank you for your help

      • Hi,

        Thank you for the fast reply.
        You are the greatest! that is exactly it.
        my multilanguage plugin is causing this problem

  41. Pingback: March Update | Alexander S. Kunz

  42. Karen wrote:

    Hi Devin,

    I am considering purchasing portfolio + but since I have already bought 2 themes that were nearly impossible to make look like their demos I just thought I would check in with you and make sure you are real!

    Your movie looks very encouraging but I just wanted to ask a few questions.

    I am not building an art site but a website for a football association that has 9 teams all of which I want to feature (their logos) on the front page in a grid. When you click on the image however I would then like to go to a page (or single post) with written info about the team. I have 2 years experience writing posts in html so I am fairly confident I can get the posts looking good. So my question is can I have an image on the front page linked to a post with a different image?

    Other than that I am going to need to source some plugins for calendars for games, a basic merchandise sales page etc. that hopefully will work with your theme. I usually just use Paypal with an e-junkie shopping cart that just uses button codes and so the sales page should be pretty straightforward.

    I don’t see any reason this shouldn’t work but as I have been burned twice already and my website is so different than your example sites I just thought I would check.

    Thanks if you can let me know if you see any potential problems and I am happy to pay for your time answering if you want to suggest I use a different theme altogether. I have spent two days now researching themes and your pages are a breath of fresh air!

    • Devin wrote:

      Hi Karen. I think this theme should work well for that. In the theme options, you’ll need to select “Display Images Manually”. This will allow you to insert the image of your choice in the actual post (or none).

      For Calendars, I suggest the Sugar Event Calendar (http://pippinsplugins.com/sugar-event-calendar-wordpress/). There’s no specific theme support for it- but it should work well nonetheless.

      I don’t have any experience with eJunkie shopping carts, but if you’ve worked with them in other themes this should be fine as well. If you were looking for a more integrated solution, I’d recommend looking at themes from WooThemes that have WooCommerce support.

  43. Karen wrote:

    Thanks Devin,

    It is going well except that on the front gallery posts page one of the featured images is being cropped to smaller than the one next to it. I have activated tiled galleries etc. and changed everything I can think of but still it is the same. Smaller than the original (and cutting off words) and smaller (ie. the bottom is cut off) than the front page image thumbnails next to it. I only have two so while I wait for a response I will add more posts and see what happens.

  44. Ivo wrote:

    Hi Devin,

    Congrats on the Portfolio+ theme, works like a charm.
    Can you tell me witch page template to use for a clean contact page?
    I would like a page whitout the “leave a comment” part at the bottom of the page.
    Thanks for your help.

    • Devin wrote:

      I would create a new page called “Contact”. Turn off comments on the page (they shouldn’t be active by default anyways)- check “Screen Options” if you don’t see that option on the edit page screen. Then use something like the JetPack comment form or Contact Form 7.

  45. Ivo wrote:

    Hi Devin,
    I can only say… LIKE!
    Thanks for your help!
    Grtz. Ivo

  46. Hello Devin,

    What is the best way to create a random portfolio item order on my homepage (Portfolio page)? It would be nice to have each project show up in a different place every time. I’ve tried a few free “Random Post Order” plugins but none of them work.

  47. Greg wrote:

    The menu is giving me trouble. I’ve got sub-menus and when you hove the mouse over a menu item to get the submenu to slide out the whole menu disappears. Is this something you can fix? Thanks!

    • Devin wrote:

      Hi Greg. I opened a GitHub issue for this. I’ll look at getting a fix out for you.

  48. nmargotteau wrote:

    Hi Devin,

    i’m very interested in your well-designed theme. I have a question : is there a format post for video?


    • Devin wrote:

      Hi. The format is active, but there isn’t any extra functionality for video. It also wouldn’t display in the grid view by default.

      • nmargotteau wrote:

        Hi Devin,

        thanks for the reply. As I’m not very familiar with web language, should I understand that I could put a video in a post (kind of blog category) but that video wouldn’t display in any grid?
        thanks in advance for your patience with a beginner such as me…


  49. Dear Devin,

    In your video it is possible to click ‘theme options’. However after installing the Portfolio theme I can’t find the ‘theme options’ in the menu. Could you please help me getting the same homepage layout as you have in the video (with the tumbnails).

    Thank you in advance for your help,

    Best regards,

      • Remco van Kapel wrote:

        Hi Devin,

        Thanks for the reply. I didn’t install the portfolio + theme yet, because I had trouble before with customizing other themes. If I purchase this theme, do I get the portfolio page as the homepage like in the example without any customization? I never worked with WordPress before so if I don’t have to customize a lot it would be great. :)


      • Devin wrote:

        Hi Remco. You’ll need to create a page, set a page template, and then select that page to be the home page. So, three steps. Watch the video on this page for all the set up instructions: http://wptheming.com/portfolio-press/.

  50. Daniel wrote:

    Hey Devin,

    Great theme! I’ve managed to customize everything except for one thing. Is it possible to remove my non-image gallery posts from the blog loop? For example, when I click on one of the thumbnails from the homepage and I’m on that page, the bottom left and right arrows to navigate to the next project cycle through the rest of my blog posts that don’t include image galleries.


      • Daniel wrote:

        Thanks for the quick reply! Worked like a charm. Cheers!

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