Portfolio Press has been downloaded from WordPress.org over 400,000 times. For the majority of people this basic version works great, but I always a get a few requests from people want more design and customization options. That’s why I’ve built Portfolio+.

More Options

If your site is already running Portfolio Press, switching to Portfolio+ will be easy. And once you’ve activated Portfolio+, you’ll have options to change the text and link colors, hide the site tagline, change the number of portfolio items that appear per page, swap out backgrounds and more. I’ve also added some neat new features, like infinite scroll.

Screenshots of the options panel and customizer:



You can view the theme demo. I also made a video walkthrough highlighting some of the features.

Feature List

  • Color Options for Text
  • Background Styling Options
  • Infinite Scroll
  • Option to use alternate URL for portfolio link
  • Full width option for individual posts
  • Automatic upgrades when new versions come out

Customize Further

You’re also welcome to customize the theme even further by editing the stylesheet. I built a child theme to put those customizations in. Please note, I do not offer support for customizing the actual theme code (PHP/CSS/Javascript).

Example Site Using Portfolio+

Happy Customers

“Since the Children’s Heart Gallery has been active, 54 children have been adopted from Arizona’s foster care system. Your elegant theme makes it easy and uncluttered for the website visitors. Again, thank you!”

Chuck Fitzgerald


Portfolio+ is $35. Licenses are valid for 3 years and can be used for up to 5 sites. Once your license expires the theme will continue to work fine, but you will need to renew in order to get additional updates or support. If you have any questions before or after purchasing, get in touch.

For installation instructions, read this.

319 thoughts on “ Portfolio+ ”

  1. Hi Devin,
    Thanks for the theme. Working great. I wanted to ask if there was an option to have an icon in the mobile version of the menu.
    At them moment the word menu appears below the logo which is not ideal to me.
    Could you please let me know if there is an easy fix for this?

  2. Hello Devin, I’ve installed your portfolio plus but I still don’t see the same menu options as demonstrated. My word press says it’s running portfolio plus. I specifically need to display featured images on the post when they’re clicked on.

    1. Those options are now in the Customizer. Go to “Appearance > Customize”. Also, make sure your posts are set to “Image” or “Gallery” format and have a featured image set.

  3. Hi and thanks for posting a video on how to use the site that’s understandable. A big achievement. I’m wondering if there’s any way to turn the label for a portfolio post into a link, so that if you click on a particular image for a website it will open up to that website.
    Probably not, but I thought I’d ask.
    Mary Anne

    1. Yes, Portfolio+ has the option to add an external link from the portfolio view. Or, if you want that on the post, you can select the option to not display featured images automatically, and instead manually insert an image that you can link wherever you like.

  4. Question: Where in the theme CSS do I change the color of the background and font of the drop down menu. I’ve tried several “fixes,” but none seem to work.


  5. Hi Devin,
    Great theme. I am hoping there is an update I just haven’t received that will make the website mobile friendly. When I look at it on my IPhone, the widgets are all jumbled together and it looks so unprofessional (So I just deleted them all except the link to support the Hurricane effort). What am I doing wrong? Thank you for your help. I love how the the front page makes my photos shine!!!

    1. It looks like you’re using a theme called Dazzling, not Portfolio+. Send me an email if I’m looking in the wrong place and you need more support devin @ wptheming.com.

  6. Hello,
    I’m using portfolio and really want to have the ability to categorise posts so I can display different categorised posts on their own pages. I have tried many times but it never quite works. Do I need to upgrade to plus? Thank you.

    1. No, just set the category for the post on the post edit screen. If there’s any posts in the category that are not image or gallery format, it will show in blog layout rather than portfolio layout- so perhaps that’s what’s happening?

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