Foghorn Theme

Foghorn is a minimalist WordPress theme built off the foundation of Twenty Eleven. It has a custom options panel for switching layouts, removing sidebars, uploading a logo, and changing footer text.

Foghorn’s design is responsive, meaning it looks good at any browser width including iPhones and other mobile devices. View the theme demo at

Foghorn Example Index

Foghorn Example Post

Foghorn Options Panel

GitHub (Development)

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  1. rob

    Rookie here . . . love the theme but not sure how to make the small photo appear to the left of the post as you show in the example . . . advice appreciated in small words and lay terms.

      1. How do i set the feature image from the existing gallery image. When i click the feature button, it open a dialogue to select image from computer, from url, from gallery. But for gallery section there is no flat to set that as feature. Its only insert into post.

  2. Fantastic Layout! One problem though…

    When I upload a big logo (mine is 800px wide), it does not resize in smaller windows. Wondering if I’m doing something wrong or if the CSS should be tweaked?

    Thank you.

  3. WPmika

    Great theme!
    A quick question, can I use this theme as a start framework for a commercial theme?
    I would really appreciate an answer!

  4. maria

    Great theme. However when sizing down to iPhone size the side bar widgets drop out completely. Is there a way to have the side bar widgets appear under the main content area?

  5. Great theme & exactly what I was looking for to simplify by site.

    Is there any way to set the featured image automatically on older posts? Maybe grab the first image in the post & make it the featured one? I don’t want to have to go back and edit 500 posts but if there’s no other way I will.

    Thanks Again!!

  6. Rodrigo

    Thanks a lot for such a great theme :-) I’ll definitely use it.

    I have a question: is there a way to remove the automatic “Continue reading” setting? I mean, I’d like the theme to show the full post on index if I don’t set “Continue reading” to split the text.

    Thanks a lot in advance.

    1. Rodrigo

      Another doubt would be: is it possible to remove the big date/category from the left on the single post page, giving more width to post content? Sorry for double posting.

  7. I’m trying to build a template for my landing page, and would like it to be full width… There are options already coded in regarding said selection, so how can I set this up?

    Aside from a few little custom things, this theme is exactly what I’m looking for, thanks very much for sharing!

      1. Doesn’t the CSS for a full-width page already exist? I’m kinda curious why you didn’t make the options into page templates to begin with?

        In any case, creating a template should be no problem, but ideally I can use the already existing CSS information… + I’m getting lost in the php building these pages, I haven’t seen some of the calls before, like:

  8. Your theme is great, thanks so much for sharing! Just a quick question, is there a way to use the 1 column layout and create just one single page that has no sidebar?

      1. My bad, I didn’t see your question about above me in the thread. And yeah I agree, that single addition would really make this kick ass theme that much better.

  9. Hi there,
    I’ve been using your theme, which looks great, as a foundation for a new website. I’m still editing stuff (it’s far from finished) but apparently I broke something and I can’t find what… It might not even be in the CSS since whenever I look for whatever could have been inadvertently changed, I can’t find anything.
    The problem is: when seeing a page, the content-wrap is 0px high, and as a result the comments box appears right below the page title. It doesn’t do this on single posts. You can see it here:

    Could you please take a look at the source and see if you can find anything? If you need any additional detail let me know, I really wonder what’s the issue.


      1. I found the problem, running it through a validator as you suggested. There was some unrelated text in a completely different portion of the sheet, probably due to an unvoluntary ctrl+v… Thanks :p

  10. How hard would it be to either:

    * Put a widget area in the header or footer,
    * Convert the navigation menu from the header to a vertical menu widget in the side bar *and* keep its nice appearance and drop-down action,
    * Or add social media link icons to the header?

    I’m using the navigation menu in the header and Simple Social Icons in the side bar. But it looks sort of skewed sideways. I’d like to make it look more vertically centered again.

  11. Aloun

    Very nice theme , thank you for sharing it !
    My question about the logo : does it have responsive width ? it appears a little bit too big on my phone ? Anything I can do ?
    Many thanks,

  12. aloun

    Hi ,
    I tried with #branding (and header h1) {width:50px;} in the media query 480px but it doesn’t work. It’s a picture in fact not a font , that I loaded trough the option framework.
    Thank you again if you can help me !

  13. Excellent theme, Devin, I love it and it almost suits my requirements. One thing: I need to have the flexibility to make some posts and pages full-width. I was surprised to find that this isn’t included. How easy would it be to create a switchable template for posts and pages? Excellent work.

  14. Matthew


    Is it possible to remove the date when you search for posts/pages? I want the dates to go away when I search for pages.

    I go on a page from my menu and it’s fine, but if I search for a page, the date of its last edit shows up in the search results.

    How do I remove those dates?


  15. Thank you for making such well-built theme! I’ve built themes from scratch before and was preparing to start again for my own site when I found foghorn. It is such a nice foundation to work from and has saved me gobs and gobs of development time.

  16. Marcos

    Hey great theme! I am really enjoying it!

    A quick question. I am trying to make the INFINITE-SCROLL plugin run on your theme but apparently I don’t manage to make it work. Any suggestions?


  17. Logan

    awesome theme btw, but any way one can have the author of he article show up in the front page list of recent posts. It currently has the category, a icon for comments, but author would be great too. May just be as simple as including another variable but I do not know that variable. my coding experience is pretty slim. Thanks for your help!!!

      1. mj

        Loving the theme so far, Devin. However, if we want to display authors, to which server files do we need to add the coding?

  18. Pumpkin Brew

    This is a great theme! I used this as a base and then modified it to suit what I needed to do for a website – mainly, I converted it to fixed width. I’m having an issue with the right menu disappearing when a device’s horizontal resolution is low, however. It doesn’t display on my cell phone, and disappears suddenly from my browser if I narrow the browser width. I notice the same issue exists on the example theme here, so I assume it’s intentional. In any case, would you happen to know why this is happening and how to fix it such that the right menu always displays (even if the user has to scroll to the right to see it)?


  19. Pumpkin Brew

    I figured out the issue. The reason the side menu disappears at a certain width (below 880px, it seems) is because of the “Responsive Structure” CSS. I just had to comment out two sections in the CSS as follows to get the menu to stay no matter what width (even though I now need to scroll to see it at a narrow browser width):

    @media (max-width: 880px) {
    /* Simplify the basic layout */
    /*#main {
    .layout-2cl #main {
    #primary {
    /*#secondary {
    display: none;

  20. Hi, it’s a great team you’ve made and we’re using it for our website! One question through, is it possible to set the header image to fit to the theme (so if the image is bigger it will automatically re-size)? If so, where do I have to alter the CSS file?


  21. Hi Devin,

    Great theme but I’m having some problems customizing the menu. I want to add a gray box around the text menu only. Not the entire menu area. I’m not really good at CSS and installing plugins is not really that necessary. Kindly help me please. thanks!

  22. Victor

    Hi Devin
    I’m setting up a blog and I have been searching for a really effective wp template and I found it- thanks!
    Can I add facebook and twitter likes as well?


  23. Hi. I’m using this for my personal blog. I’m practicing PHP/JS/CSS by making several modifications (aesthetic preferences) and additions (customize widgets) to the website. I don’t usually use this overused word, but it’s awesome. I’ve removed the footer link to your website until I’m done with modifying it (shouldn’t take much longer), but of course I’ll still keep one probably in the “thanks to” type of link ticker/scroller on the main page.
    Thank you for allowing public access to this beautiful theme!

  24. Raúl

    He has done a great theme. I use it on my website and wanted to ask if it is possible to make a translation of small items such as box “search” (and the button) the text of “Continue reading →” and stuff.


  25. Raul

    Thanks for the reply. I was checking one by one the files and I found the texts to translate testing to verify that texts had to change and I managed to find all, and change language

  26. Hello Devin, it is really a nice work. I’m feeling comfortable working with Foghorn. But i need to add a banner image at the right side of the logo. so how could i use the space to add an image ? Would you please help me out by giving some suggestion
    Thank you . . .

  27. Amy

    Thank you so much for including an author box with this theme. I have been wrestling with a plugin and still do not have it figured out. With this theme, it is perfect. My question: I was thinking about changing the border color that surrounds the article post snippet on the main page and around the individual post. Is that a background color or a border color? Thank you again for such a rich theme. Love it.

  28. Rémi

    Great theme. How to make responsive custom logo ? I mean, custom logo (added with Options Framework) to be automaticaly resized in terms of the screen used. I explode Twenty Eleven theme options but nothing found.

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