Material UI and Laravel

Material UI is a popular React framework based on Google’s Material Design System. It provides a nice design system and library of prebuilt components that can speed up the process of building web applications. I’ve worked with it on a couple projects, and really enjoy building on top of it.

Because I like having good boilerplates available to start new projects with, I rebuilt my Laravel React Bootstrap To Do App with Material UI. It uses the same REST API for authentication and data storage- but it is a completely headless implementation and could easily be updated to use different APIs.

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Source Code on Github

More About the Project

If you’d like to host your own backend, you can also find that source code on Github. In the future, I hope to write a new version of the backend that uses Airlock rather than the tymondesigns/jwt-auth library for auth. If that would be useful to you, leave me a comment.

About Devin

I am a developer based in Austin, Texas. I run a little theme shop called DevPress and help manage a WooCommerce shop with Universal Yums. Find me on twitter @devinsays.

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