In this video we break apart our base templates with a header.php and footer.php file.

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2 thoughts on “ 03: Template Includes ”

  1. Hey Devin,

    I love watching the videos. So useful for me.

    I’m fairly new to WordPress wanted to ask how much time does it take to become a good WP developer, if I know HTML, CSS and JS and no PHP knowledge.

    Also, is it easy to code and learn if I use a theme like Genesis or Underscores?

    1. If you’re just building WordPress themes, I think you’ll pick it up pretty quick. There’s great documentation for WordPress and a lot of code from other themes you can look at to see how something is built.

      I think the learning curve is a higher with Genesis, since their framework adds an additional layer of abstraction. You have to use hooks and filters with Genesis which requires you to understand their framework and how the underlying code works. With Underscores, you just need to understanding the underlying code.

      However, it really depends on what your end goals are. Underscores doesn’t give you much in terms of styling to start with, so you’ll need to develop a lot of that yourself. Genesis has a number of child themes that might have 90% of what you need in terms of styling for a project, so it might be a little faster to crank those out once you learn how their framework works.

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