Anders Norén

Anders Norén is one of the most prolific theme developers I know of. In 2014 he released a total of 8 themes into the repository- all of which are excellent. A total of 4 made the Tavern’s top 15 free themes of 2014.

If that wasn’t enough, Anders announced a brand new one this morning:

As with any great theme, I really like the attention to small design details. For instance, look at all the subtle icons and design that went into a simple author comment:


The search box, pagination headers, and menu transitions have equally great design details.

All of Norén’s themes appear to be based on Underscores, which ensures they are coded off a strong base. In Lovecraft the customizer options are minimal, but the ability to change the background, header image, logo and highlight color make the theme feel highly adaptable.


You can view all of Norén’s free themes on by viewing his profile page. Lovecraft, his latest, is still in theme review but should be released in a few weeks (if you’re savvy can try it early like I have). You can also visit Norén’s website.

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