IE Browser Testing on OSX

Browser testing in Internet Explorer can be a bit tricky since I do all my WordPress development work on a Mac- but I finally got a setup that works well.


I’m using Virtual Box because it is free, rather easy to set up, and I could store all the disk images on an external drive (they take up too much space on my MacBook Air, 10GB a piece).

The disk images with Windows and Internet Explorer can be downloaded from Modern IE. I had to download some of the rar files multiple times because the zips were corrupted in the download (they’re large files)- but I eventually got a clean version. Disk images are available for IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9, IE10 and IE11.

I also needed to download Virtual Box for OSX.

I use MAMP to run my local WordPress sites. In order to easily load those sites from the Windows Virtual Machine I needed to edit the host file.

That can be located on the Windows machine in:

Command click on the host file, view the security settings, and give your user access if needed. Then edit that file in notepad and add this line at the bottom: localhost

After that, you should be all set.

IE Virtual Machine

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