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If you’ve written a post on recently you may have noticed that Automattic is testing a new interface. It removes a lot of the the clutter of navigation bars and metaboxes, leaving writers to focus on the writing.

Besides the visual changes, it appears the interface is powered completely by javascript. Publishing new posts and updating meta doesn’t require a new page load like the current version of WordPress core does. The updates are done through a JSON API, which is one of the exciting features slated for core in WordPress 4.1.

Based on this support forum issue with 945 replies, it looks like the not everyone is fan. Though I think it’s great is willing to roll something out like this and experiment.

The current WordPress interface (introduced in 3.8) is a huge jump forward and I’m excited to see it continue to evolve.

Here’s a new design I was playing around with the last week or two, which is now a mashup with the ideas (and a less radical departure from the current design):


Actual Size Image Link

I also built this out as a PSD if anyone else wants to take a go at it. The post editor and post sidebar are still raster, but everything else is movable and editable. I also included the dashicons. Download it here.

I think these types of experiments are fun and show what might be possible in the near-WordPress future.

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