Options Framework + Theme Customizer

One of the great new features in WordPress 3.4 is the Theme Customizer which allows you to modify options for a theme and instantly preview them on the site.

I’d encourage you to try out the Theme Customizer, but first upgrade to the latest version of the Options Framework (1.3). Earlier versions explicitly checked for $_POST[‘update’] in the request before saving anything to the database, which doesn’t allow options set via the Theme Customizer to save properly.

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Options Framework Sidebar

The latest version of the Options Framework has a new hook to display content below the options panel. This feature was added thanks to @Satrya, who posted a neat screenshot on GitHub and requested it.

The hook can be used to display any content below the options panel, but one cool use is to add a sidebar with additional information about the theme. Here’s an example:

I added a demo theme of this to the Options Theme Kit if you’re interested to see exactly how it works.

Here’s a slightly simpler example:

add_action('optionsframework_after','exampletheme_options_after', 100);

function exampletheme_options_after() { ?>
    <p>Content after the options panel!</p>
<?php }