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There are a number of solutions for rendering “non-standard” web fonts on your site.  I was familiar with ones like SIFR and Cufon where it’s recommend to be used only on headers or certain spots of the website.  I e-mailed TypeKit to see if it worked the same way, and got this reply from Mandy Brown:

“There’s no file size or speed issue with using Typekit for body text (as there would be with, say, using SIFR or Cufon). That said, you should make sure to use a font that works well at small sizes and renders acceptably cross-browser. Be sure to take a look at the browser screenshots before deciding on a font.”

Oddly, Google failed me on this question, so I thought I’d post it here for anyone else who was curious.

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  1. my experience was that a body font rendered via typekit rendered very inconsistently at smaller sizes. firefox 3 on windows was the biggest culprit — all fonts look bad there but a font with “challenges” becomes unreadable. so test test test!

  2. One way to workaround the unreadable typefaces on windows browsers is to list a readable windows only installed font before the typekit font in the stack. Sort of like a reverse-fallback.
    Then have a conditional stylesheet to override this for IE9 users, as IE9 renders fonts very well.
    I haven’t actually tried this, but it would be interesting to see if it would work.

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