Signing up With BlueHost

I use BlueHost for all my personal website hosting. In the last six years I’ve received excellent customer support and rarely had downtime on my site. At $6.95 a month it’s one of the cheapest options out there, it’s great for WordPress, and it should cover the needs of most small to medium size companies. Also, if you sign up with BlueHost, they give me a $65 referral fee which I credit towards your bill.

If you are a new client of mine and want to switch to BlueHost, here’s how to do it:

  1. Follow this link (to get the $65 referral fee).
  2. Click “Sign Up Now”.
  3. If you a choosing a new domain, type the url under “I need a domain”. If you have an existing domain (e.g. with GoDaddy or a previous hosting company), type that url under “I have a domain”. Click “Next”.
  4. Fill in the required credit card information.
  5. Choose 12 or 24 months and set it on automatic renewal.
  6. Send me ( the username and password you chose.
  7. Send me all e-mails that BlueHost sends you after signup.

Also Helpful

  • If we are moving an existing website, please send the ftp information for your previous host.
  • If you had e-mails set up with a previous host, please send a list of every e-mail address.
  • If you need new e-mail addresses set up, please send a list of those.
  • If your domain name is hosted with someone else, please send the login information to manage that account.

In most cases we’ll be able to set up WordPress, configure your e-mail, and repoint any domains within an hour. Since the referral fee covers up to $65, this work is generally free to you.

About Devin

I'm a WordPress developer based in Austin, Texas. I run a little theme shop called DevPress and work for a startup called Nano. Find me on twitter @devinsays.

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