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Updated: 3/19/12

The latest version of this Thematic Options theme has been completely rebuilt to use the Options Framework Plugin. It’s rather basic and has just a couple settings- but if there’s something else you’d like to see in it please file a ticket or send over a pull request on GitHub.

If you’re interested in building options for a theme other than Thematic, please check out the Options Framework Plugin or the Options Theme.

You can download the latest version of the Thematic Options on GitHub.

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I'm a WordPress developer based in Austin, Texas. I run a little theme shop called DevPress. Find me on twitter @devinsays.

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  1. Chris

    Hi Devin,

    first of all thank you for great work!

    I’m brand new in developing wordpress websites with frameworks like thematic. I tested your extention and everything works fine. The only thing I couldn’t follow is the “example option” section. What is it for? Thanks again!

    Best regards

  2. Anne Quade

    First off… THANK YOU for making this super easy! I’m having one tiny problem. When I I got to the theme option panel I loose the styling you have on your option panel. I’m using a child theme of thematic, so I’m not sure what I’m missing. Anyone else having an issue or know what I’m doing wrong?

  3. Dannci

    Hi I have problem with google anlytics bug,
    after saving i get \’ instead ‘ (‘ characters in textarea are replaced by \’.)
    Please help.

      1. Dannci

        Hi again,
        I have the latest version and corect code too.
        It works for me on my local WP installation, but when I upload files on server I have this problem.
        BTW: Great work!!

  4. Would it be possible to offer a checkbox example? For some reason it’s not working as I expected.

    If I’m trying to hide an image if the box is checked, I simply wrote it like this. Doesn’t seem to work, though. Thanks for any tips.

  5. Hi Devin

    thanks so much for the tut – it looks easy AND it looks good – cant wait to start implementing it and playing around.

    One question: Is it possible to create a dropdown/select that lists all the posts of a specified custom post type? Multiple select would also be nice! Any tips or ideas?

    (just followed you on Twitter too)

  6. Hi Devin, Just letting you know how I love these theme options in my WP work. Really makes things lots easier for all of us.
    Just a question of trying to expand the Theme Options…

    Is it possible to have multiple fields under 1 header? For example: “Contact Information” would have 6 text input fields: name, phone, email, address #1, address #2, city. Would it be possible to include them all under one and the same header called “Contact Information”?

    I think this would be more of an issue for the Admin area than the actual functionality of the theme options in general, but still i’d like to know if it’s possible.

    Thanks a lot and keep up the great work. Looking forward what comes out of the development into a plugin.

  7. Question…for the options array, you use esc_html() for the description key. Which i can understand for security probably. But…what if you wanted to create a link to another page, or documentation elsewhere. Maybe, instead of an all or nothing…desc key would filter out all tags except links or bold.

    Great work by the way.


  8. Hi Devin first of all great tutorial, i’m having issues when its time to implement it on my theme for example the logo doesn’t show with the echo get_option('of_logo'); and i dont think i changed the shortname i used it from the box and shows nothing, is there anything i might be doing wrong?

  9. Uranbold

    Hey I have got one question.

    -I really want to add new option Slider like premium themes.
    Slider option choose…

    I added some code but i’m not digging this framework code.

    How to add slider choose option and Where i seperated code each slider….

    $my_options[] = array( "name" => "Select a Slider type",
    "desc" => "A list of all the sliders being used on the site.",
    "id" => "Example slider",
    "std" => "Select a category:",
    "type" => "select_slider",
    "options" => $type);

    Then i added admin-interface.php

    case 'slider_type':
    if($type='3D slider') {
    $output .= '3D slider';


  10. Ramirez

    I know this is a great plugin.
    I’m new and try to learn by yopur post.

    Download and everything but make me confuse with so many file you have, and some articles is same to me. Link to link make me confusse.

    Do you have a step by step instalation’s article?

    I was download, copy the folder to my theme but nothing happened, the panel option is not show up in my theme (I use twentyten)


      1. Ramirez

        Thanks so much, Devin.
        Text version of tutorial will be great.
        Is anyone here have complete tutorial?

      1. pixi

        Thank you for your response. Unfortunately clear in line 740 didn’t work. Can you give another suggestion if possible?

  11. Jiri


    first, thank you for releasing this, its really great stuff. I’m having a small issue – I’m testing on localhost, using XAMPP and when I select another css theme stylesheet in options menu, the css file is not loaded. The reason is that the path is not correct:

    Layout css are loaded correctly with correct path, the issue is only with files loaded from styles folder. I guess the issue is in Stylesheets Reader in theme-options.php but not sure how to fix that. Thank you for any help.

  12. pixi


    We seem to have the same issue Dannci has regarding the Google Analytics code. When we insert the tracking code it is being displayed with slashes even though we haven’t touched the options panel files. We use the latest version.

  13. Christian Lopez

    I also noticed that when you click “Remove” on the uploader, it removes the image visually, but not from the actual server. Anyway to fix this?

  14. Ruturaaj

    I’m facing the same issue as Pixi… I’ve upgraded WP to 3.3 and I’m getting the WordPress Admin footer overlapping over the Options. I tried removing closing DIV on line 106 in “admin-interface.php” file, but no luck. Can you please suggest me a quick fix. I don’t wish to go with Plug-in and want to include the code in my theme files itself.

    Another thing… in Demo Options Page, there are two “Upload” fields, one is said to be without Text input whilst other is said to have Text input. But in Chrome as well as in Firefox, both these fields appear as buttons. I’ve not looked into this issue as yet since that’s not my theme requirement for now. The Footer overlap issue is more important for me to fix and somehow I’m just lost in the HTML and not able to detect the problem; seeking your help here my friend.

    Other that that, everything else looks good and functional; great work, thanks so much!!

  15. Rifki

    Hello Devin, this is awsome..! to grab all options you have :

    global $data;
    $data = get_option(OPTIONS);

    echo $data['my_option_id'];

    How to make the implementations more simple like :

    echo get_option('my_option_id');

    I was try but doesn’t work… can you help me?? thanks a lot …

      1. Rifki

        Hello again Devin,

        I’ve one more problems, storing standart / default options when theme activated is not working.. for get the default value i must click the reset button frist.

  16. Hi Devin !

    First…thank you for this great “Addon” for WordPress…it works great !

    Now my question:
    How can I change the font-face and font-size in the typography-part.
    I dont want to use only the standard font-face (Verdana, Georgia, Tahoma etc.) and pixel as font-size…how can I add more font-face (like fonts from google-fonts) and how can I change the font-size from px to em ?

    Thanks for your help and greetings from Germany,

  17. pikolo

    Hi, i have small question , i was wrote simple code for displaing google map in the theme-options.php. Can you tell me how get it in admin-functions.php and displaing it on the page ? great thanks

    $my_options[] = array( "name" => "Web maps",
    "desc" => "Sample internet maps.",
    "id" => "web_maps",
    "std" => "",
    "type" => "textarea");

  18. Sinisa

    Hi Devin, great work on options theme framework!
    Im trying to add child theme support for my theme, and I was wondering should put options.php and admin folder with other files in that new child theme?
    I see that I should, that will work, but I was wondering is there a way of keeping all options files only in main/parent theme?

  19. Anthony

    Howdy Devin, this might not be the right forum to ask this but, can one build on the original thematic code as foundation to building another theme/framework? I just dont like the idea of child theming. Been planning to use thematic on a client project……….your advice bro will be appreciated big time.

  20. Bogh

    Hi Devin,

    I am using your old Thematic OP 2.2 to create my child themes, and is too late to upgrade to the latest version cause I have customized it too much. And I was wondering if it’s possible to make my shortcodes work with it, and if I can make it support PHP.
    My shortcodes are made after that is used by woothemes.

    Thanks a lot for this great job.

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