Portfolio Press


Portfolio Press is a responsive WordPress theme for showcasing your photography, art, web sites, or other projects. It also works nicely as a regular blog site. An options panel is available for uploading logos and changing the layout. There’s also support for various post formats and menus.

Here’s a video screencast of how it works:

Download It | Demo It

The theme is in the WordPress Themes Directory. You can demo it here. Or download a copy and try it out.


If you need more design and customization options than the ones included with Portfolio Press, check out my new theme Portfolio+.

Suggested Plugins

You will need to Portfolio Post Type plugin to use the portfolio features.

You will need to the Options Framework plugin to enable the options panel.

Examples of Portfolio Press in Action

Some of these examples have been customized a bit and show the adaptability of the theme.

Michalis Palis
Kim Kermode
Todd Milbourn
Golden Retriever Adoption
My Labour of Love (customized)

Instructions and Common Questions

How to Set Up a Portfolio Item:

When you activate Portfolio Press, you will see a new post type called “Portfolio”. Click “Add New Item” and you will be taken to the edit page where you can add a title, description, and tags for your portfolio piece.

To add the portfolio image, click “Set featured image” on the right side of the screen beneath “Portfolio Tags”. This will take you to the media uploader to add your image. When you finish, click “Use as Featured Image”.

How can I make the portfolio display on the home page?

Create a new page, call it whatever you like, and choose the page template “Portfolio” (on the right side of the screen in page attributes”. This will now display the portfolio on this page.

Then under “Settings” > “Reading” click “Front page displays” a static page. Then select the page you just created that has the portfolio.

My Thumbnails Looks Distorted, Cropped or Weird

Try installing this plugin and regenerating them: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/regenerate-thumbnails/

How to Set Up the Menus

A lot of people were asking how the menus work. Here’s a video that explains it, plus instructions for how to create different portfolio sections.

404 Errors:

This theme uses custom post types. If you are getting a 404 error when you try and view the portfolio posts, reset your permalinks. You can do this by going to “Settings > Permalinks” and re-saving the permalink structure.

Portfolio Items Disappear:

If you deactivate the “Portfolio Post Type” plugin, your portfolio items will disappear. They are still saved in the database, but you need the plugin in order to access them.

How can I have different portfolio sections?

Use the portfolio tags or categories. These are like the regular tags in posts. You can also put the links in the menu- so, Portfolio could be your main menu item that display all the items, and then have a drop down menu with illustration, websites, etc that link to the tag urls and just displays those items.

How do I change the size of the thumbnail images?

At some point I will probably make theme options for this, but for now you’ll have to do this through the code. Open the file functions.php, and find the line of code that says: add_image_size( ‘portfolio-thumbnail’, 215, 175, true );. The first number “215” is the width- the second number “175” is the height.

If you change the thumbnail size, you was also need to install this plugin and regenerate thumbnails.

Is it possible to change a regular post to a portfolio post?

Yes, you can use the Post Type Switcher plugin to convert any type of post type to another. Or, Convert Post Types for bulk switching.

How do I change the number of portfolio items per page?

In functions.php of your child theme, add a filter:

function mytheme_posts_per_page() {
     return '16';  // Return however many items you choose
add_filter( 'portfoliopress_posts_per_page', 'mytheme_posts_per_page' );

(Portfolio+ has additional pagination options (12 or 15) and infinite scroll options.)

Can I stop the featured image from showing automatically in the portfolio post?

Yes, install the options panel and choose “Display images manually.”

Can I display my portfolio items in with my regular posts?

Yes, but you’ll just need to update the query call on every template where you want both to appear. See Justin Tadlock’s article about this. The intention of this theme was to have them live separately.

What if I have hundreds of images to upload? Is there any easier way?

Try using the Automatic Featured Images Posts plugin. In the settings, set the “Default Post Type” to “portfolio.”

Can I change the order that portfolio posts display?

The easiest way is to change the post date- that’s how they are naturally ordered. Another way is to use the Post Type Order plugin– though some folks have mentioned bugs with how the prev/next buttons work when that plugin is in use.

I want to lightbox my portfolio images. Can I do this?

Portfolio Press does not have support for lightbox images. You might try a plugin if you need lightbox functionality.

Translation Credits

Translations by Eduardo-Martí­n Larequi Garcí­a, Wolforg, Erling Håmsø, and Sandro Bauer.

Do you like the theme?

Rate it at: http://wordpress.org/extend/themes/portfolio-press

If you’d like to support this project, consider purchasing Portfolio+. It’s the same design as Portfolio Press, but with some bonus features like infinite scroll, additional customization options, and a portfolio category template. Enjoy!

About Devin

I'm a WordPress developer based in Austin, Texas. I work with the fantastic crew at 10up and also run a little theme shop called DevPress. Find me on twitter @devinsays.

1,927 thoughts on “Portfolio Press

  1. Hi Devin,

    Awesome theme!
    Was wondering though, can I get the excerpt field back in de portfolio section.
    No Idea where to begin…


    1. I don’t have the code in front of me, but when it’s displaying the thumbnails on the portfolio page it should be going through the loop- so you can just drop an the_excerpt() under the image tag + add some styling.

  2. Hi Devin, thanks for your reply.

    I understand your answer but there’s no excerpt input field in the Portfolio backend.
    How do i get this in? I never modified the backend before…

    Cheers Heyman

  3. I got it,

    Was real easy! If you want the excerpt input field back in the custom post Portfolio.
    Open the file portfolio-post-typ.php. This is located in the folder Extension in the Portfolio-press theme folder.
    Search for this line: ‘supports’ => array( ‘title’, ‘editor’, ‘thumbnail’, ‘comments’ )
    and add the excerpt: ‘supports’ => array( ‘title’, ‘editor’, ‘thumbnail’, ‘comments’, ‘excerpt’ )

    That’s it.
    Thanks Devin, awesome theme.
    Cheers Heyman

  4. Hi Devin,

    It’s me again…. Found a bug.
    When I set my ‘Portfolio Page’ as ‘Front Page’ (‘Settings’ > ‘Reading’ > ‘Front page displays’) The Page navigation doesn’t work anymore. Tested it with a fresh unedited theme install.

    I will try to fix it, but if you’re familiar with the problem, any help is welcome! ;)
    Cheers Heyman

  5. Feeling quite a noob for asking, but how do I style the content for example just one page?
    When I trie to adjust the css for the image in the single portfolio, the images on my main page are set accordingly.
    Als I wan’t the content for a standard page centered, but when I do that my other content is also centerd.
    Feeling stupid right now.

      1. Thank you, Devin.
        You’re quit a livesaver… :-)
        I was looking for hours, but couldn’t find the solution.

        Nice theme btw!


  6. Hi, great theme, can’t wait to have a bit of time to properly customise.

    Just curious as to how to get around the full page portfolio (which I’d like as a start page) thumbnail sizes in getting them to match the folio pages with the sidebar… I’ve made a few thumbs to fit the sidebar size folio but the thumbs are too small for the full page version.

    Do I simply size for the bigger and let WP crunch it for the sidebar folio? Or is there something else?

    1. Hi. Not quite sure what you are asking… Is the aspect ratio off, or sizes simply off? If you go into portfolio-posttype.php, you’ll see all the thumbnail sizes, which you are welcome to edit:

      add_image_size( ‘portfolio-thumbnail’, 215, 175, true )
      add_image_size( ‘portfolio-thumbnail-fullwidth’, 308, 220, true )
      add_image_size( ‘portfolio-large’, 630, 9999, false )

      Use the “Regenerate Thumbnails” plugin to regenerate all the images after you make a change in the code.

  7. Hello Devin, thx for sutch a cool theme !

    I got a little problem since the last beta :

    I coulnd’t manage to create a page with the full-width portfolio, or full-width page attribute, the sidebar is allways remaining on the page..

    Thx a lot for sharing.

  8. Hi Devin,

    Got really in to your theme now. I love it!

    Two questions:
    1. how do I remove the thumb-name hovering over the image. Tried a. title-overlay {display:none;}, but it didn’t work. I can make the title red with it, but not disapear…

    2. how can I link an archive tumb to a page or url instead of the post?

    1. Hi Nick. Why would you want to link to pages instead? If its because the date is in the permalink, that can be removed. More information about custom post type here: http://justintadlock.com/archives/2010/04/29/custom-post-types-in-wordpress

      To remove the overlay is a bit complicated, you’d want to unhook the script, remove the associated css, and remove the markup on the page. If you’re unfamiliar with code, you could hire someone to do this for you.

      Another option is to use the straight gallery function, and link each image where you want it to go: http://wptheming.com/2010/02/video-tutorial-wordpress-gallery/

      1. I have removed the scipt in the ‘functions.php’ but the title of the page is still there, how i remove this or which associated css do you mean?

  9. I just tested Portfolio Press in WordPress 3.1. Everything appears to be working well, though I do have some updates planned in the coming weeks. Has anyone had issues I should know about?

  10. Hi Devin,

    I made the background from de sf-menu transparent, but in IE8 the submenu dissapears when I hover over it.
    In IE8 compatibility view the submenu stays when hovered over, but dissapears partly behind some images on the main page.
    How can I fix this?


  11. Hello Devin,

    I’d like to ask how to make my own translation into Chinese. Is there any means of doing that?

    I also encountered a problem:
    When I view Search Results or Category, the theme only shows excerpt but no ” Continue reading →” link appeared. So, how can I show the link of “Continue reading” or “Read more” in excerpt view?

      1. Hi Devin,

        I’ve sent the latest version to you.

        In the second problem, I didn’t mean to customize the “continue reading” into “read more”, but that it doesn’t appear and I want it visible.

        I can see the “continue reading” link in the default theme – twenty ten, but I can’t see it in portfolio press.

  12. Hi Devin

    Me again :)

    I am having some problems with the Titles of my pages, and I cannot for the life of me solve this and it all leads back to the Portfolio theme – so wonder if you had any solutions.

    Basically the Titles of my pages have no space between the Post Title and then the Blog Title – so

    Forcing non-www to www with htaccessThe Two Percent | The Two Percent Blog { Marketing Events and Online Media Blog }

    Notice the words “htaccessThe” next to each other – any ideas on a fix?

    Many thanks in advance

    1. Not sure. If the same thing happens in Twenty Ten (default theme), then it is an issue with your set up. Try disabling all your plugins to see if there is a conflict. Try resetting your permalinks. If it doesn’t happen in Twenty Ten, try uploading a fresh version of the theme.

      1. durrr… sorry, my fault – it was All in one SEO pack it seems. Deactivated this and solved it right away… Any recommendations for a decent SEO plugin that works fully?

  13. Love your Theme Devin.

    Can you tell me how to re-order the items on the portfolio page? I can’t seem to find anywhere to do that.


  14. Hello. Great theme!

    Just a couple questions:
    1. Is there a way to prevent the featured image from showing up in the post at all?
    2. I’m using this as my portfolio, so I’d love to be able to get rid of any extra text on the post page (Posted on_ by _).


  15. Great theme. I love the simplicity but am trying a few tweaks. In short:

    How do I lose the fade-effect on the rollover to make it more like this: http://fontsinuse.com/

    I would also like a bit more text displayed than just the title when doing the rollover. I can do this by entering HTML in the title field, but is there a more practical way?

    What would be the easiest way of placing some permanent (not rollover activated) text underneath each thumbnail in the portfolio? Also like this: http://fontsinuse.com/. I guess this has to be done in “archive-portfolio.php” but don’t know what to write.

    Thanks again. Would greatly appreciate some help. I know my way around CSS and HTML but am new to WordPress and PHP.

    1. Hi. All of that is possible. If you need a more in-depth response, try posting on WordPress.org forums since I don’t have time right now to go into super detail:

      1) Start looking at “jquery.fader.js” for the jquery effects. You can change it to do whatever you wish on rollover.
      2) A better way would be to change the html that is outputted in archive-portfolio.php to include your summary.
      3) Yes, same way, just output the text underneath the image. You can read about the excerpt here: http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/the_excerpt

    2. Hi. All of that is possible. If you need a more in-depth response, try posting on WordPress.org forums since I don’t have time right now to go into super detail:

      1) Start looking at “jquery.fader.js” for the jquery effects. You can change it to do whatever you wish on rollover.
      2) A better way would be to change the html that is outputted in archive-portfolio.php to include your summary.
      3) Yes, same way, just output the text underneath the image. You can read about the excerpt here: http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/the_excerpt

  16. I love your theme and am hoping to use it to try and organize my classes in online journalism. It’s beautiful to look at and simple to use for both user and editor.

    But! (There’s always a but!) Is it possible to simply change the bg color in the header? I am using WP Network and am running into trouble in the stylesheet because I don’t want to change the headers for the network.

    And if there was a simple way (ie avoiding css completely) I would really appreciate that.

    Many thanks..


    1. There’s a couple options, none that I would say are dead simple.

      You could download the latest version of the theme and add it as an option: https://github.com/devinsays/portfolio-press

      You could make a child theme with the different heading color (yes, using css).

      Or you could use global $blog_id to load styles conditionally or as a body class.

      E-mail me directly if you need some extra help with this (devin@wptheming.com).

  17. Great theme!
    I found small bug:
    You forgot to include ” WP 3.0 PAGED BUG FIX” in full-width-portfolio.php am i right? It’s only in archive-portfolio.php right now.

      1. I guess it is, I noticed this when using WP 3.1.1, so i added the code from archive-portfolio to archive-portfolio to correct pagination.

  18. Hi Devin, I’m sure this is really simple, but i’m a newby and can’t figure it out. I don’t get a large single view of the portfolio images, just the text added to the image comes up when I click on the portfolio thumbnail. i also haven’t figured out how to have a different set of portfolio images on another page (new work) but I’m assuming if I read in the codex about tags, I’ll figure it out. If there’s some other spot to direct me to, I’d appreciate it.

    Thanks so much for this beautiful theme.

      1. I set the featured image as in your tutorial – it sets it in the thumbnail portfolio post, but there’s no large single view when I click on the thumbnail. If you go to the website and click on the portfolio images you’ll see what I mean. kristineames.com

      2. Hi Joe, yes, because in the tutorial, when he’s adding the portfolio page in the menu he resets the permalinks ( he chooses the middle one, month and day, I think) So I did wonder about this, should this be done just once, the first time you add a page? and never again? cause I think I did it again when I tried to add a New Works page. Should I just go back to the default settings and start over? Thanks to whoever is answering this, it’s probably hard to have patience with people who don’t know anything about all this.

      3. You should just have to set the permalinks once Kristin. It looks like you have it set up fine, perhaps the you just have that option unset in the options panel?

  19. Hi I will first like to applaud this great theme, however I cannot seem to make image show when i add it to portfolio and set it as featured image like described in the video?

  20. Hi Devin,

    So far I love the theme, but I’ve run into a major issue. The “Portfolio” menu has disappeared in the editor. I had been putting mine together and all of a sudden it just wasn’t there any more. I went into the Theme Options and saw that the “Disable Portfolio” box is checked, but I am unable to un-check it. Every time I do, it checks itself again when I press “Save Options” (the “Display Images” checkbox does the same thing). I’ve tried using different browsers (IE9, Opera, and Safari), and it’s the same thing in all of them. When I re-install the theme, the menu option for “Portfolio” appears again, but when I click on it, it gives me an “invalid post type” error page. As soon as I click on any other menu options, “Portfolio” disappears again. I’ve also tried disabling the Options plug-in, but “Portfolio” is still gone. Any idea what might be causing this?

      1. I’ve tried re-installing from the GitHub files and updated to the new version of WordPress, but I’m still having the same issue.

  21. Thanks again, Devin, for this excellent new version of the Portfolio Press Theme.

    I’ve updated the spanish translation. Here it is.

    I’ve noticed some strings which are not prepared to be translated.

    – “Right of logo” and “Underneath logo”, both in line 73, in options.php.

    On the other hand, when Options Framework plugin is used, some strings in the backend appear in english, because this plugin is not prepared to be translated:

    – “Options reset”, “Options updated”, “Theme Options”, “Restore Defaults” and “Save Options” in options-framework.php.
    – “Options Framework Internal Container”, “Upload”, “View File”, “Gallery”, “Previously Updated”, in options-medialibrary-uploader.php.

    Although this is by no means a problem for me, I would like to have all the strings in spanish, in order to use the theme in a multiblog installation. If you have the time to localize the plugin, please let me know. I’ll send you the spanish translation as soon as posible.

    1. Thanks Eduardo. I just updated them in git. They’ll go out in the next version. I’ll also update the strings that are missing.

      I’ve been waiting on making the plugin translatable until I was sure there wouldn’t be much more code churn, but that should be soon.

  22. Hi, can you please tell me how do I make the portfolio page as my default home page, as i would like to display the home page as a gallery as it is in the portfolio page. Thanks.

    1. Create a new page and then select one of the portfolio page template. Then under “Settings > Reading Options” in WordPress, set that page as your front page.

  23. Hi,

    I am creating a portfolio website to replace what I already have existing on Xiaoxingredemption.com. The site will pretty much be the same, but I like the display/portfolio options better on wordpress/porfolio as far as displaying the actual work/photos/art.

    I was trying to make a couple pages with portfolios on them. I noticed that the portfolio items are showing up on both pages. I tried using tags, but either I am doing it wrong or it didn’t work.

    I also read that I could create menu’s and use links but I haven’t figured out how to do it yet.

    Can you pleas explain or do a video tutorial showing how to create different portfolios under the same website?


    Miss Xiao Xing

  24. Hi Devin,

    First of all thanks for an excellent theme and I am customising it to fit my need exactly and it is great thanks.

    Do you know how and what widget to use to display the tags (and related) from my portfolio items (post) – it doesn’t seem to recognise any of the portfolio items added (all have been given tags) and will not insert them into any of the post type widgets? (archive, recent post or any that should display post)

    Ordinary standard post are recognised fine though!

    Any help really appreciated – might be a php thing? and am just a beginner in the world of php!

    Thanks again for a great theme and keep up the good work.


    1. No one seems to have answered my question!

      Is what I am asking for possible to display the portfolio items ion widgets rather than standard post?

      All I need is the widgets to display the portfolio post rather than the standard post in widgets like archive, recent post etc etc.

  25. I would like to know how can I post all entry on home page ?

    I dont need to show enlarge image as well, and want to put link on thumb image and text, is it possible ?

    can you please help me. and is there any advertisement option available ?

    1. Create a page, use one of the portfolio page template’s, and then set that as your home page in the WordPress reading options. No advertisement option, but there is likely a plugin that could handle that for you.

  26. Apparantly it was because of the lack of plugin I could not make the images to show. Thanks. Another question though, is it possible to create categories like eg. a main menu and submenus where you can put each items into?

  27. Thank you for the free theme Devin, it’s awesome :-)

    I have one problem, my featured image not showing up on my blog post page. I have been following your instruction video, but still it won’t show up on the blog post. When I click the featured picture on portfolio page, it goes to blog post. The text show up but the picture won’t. What wrong?

    1. I think there must be a bug in the current release. If you install the Options Framework plugin it should fix, but I’ll be pushing out an update shortly.

  28. Hi, I just installed IE9 and the entire menu in the top of the page disappears.
    This is solved by editing your style.css file and replacing this line in the #navigation style.
    font:14px/14px Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;
    font:14px/14px Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;
    (i.e. you switch helvetica and arial ;)

    Apparantly IE9 has a bug that doesn’t display Helvetica fonts.

    Other fonts in the stylesheet that use helvetica already name a different font first, so they work ok.

  29. Hy Devin,

    I have a problem with your theme:
    I made some different categories and want them to display my related posts including images, music players,… in them. But they’re only showing the title of the posts.

    I already searched for a solution and found the solution to replace “” by “” but I can’t find something like this in the code.

    I hope you can help me.


  30. hi, Devin
    thanks for an awesome – and FREE – theme. I’m able to customize to my needs through the CSS [pretty much] and have one question lingering…
    on the drop down menus, the background shows behind the menu name of the ‘page’ I’m on [i.e., logos]; I have two 2-tiered menus and the background does not show on those. it’s not a huge deal, but having this feature helps the user know where they are… did I change something in the CSS that caused this to happen [that I don’t remember] or is this missing in the CSS to begin with?
    if you visit the site to check it out, I think you’ll see what I mean.
    thanks! and thanks again for this simple, elegant & clean theme.

    1. Try changing “.menu ul li.current_page_parent” to “.menu ul li.current_menu_parent” in the stylesheet. Let me know if that works for you.

      1. didn’t seem to make any change / difference.
        and now that I really think about it, the ideal thing to highlight would be the parent, since the secondary menus don’t show up unless their parent [and they] are hovered over… but as well, changing the css as you suggested did not highlight the parent menu item. does that make sense? :¬)

  31. Devin, one other question, as I migrate my [currently Flash] website into a SMC: Some of my logo designs have ‘application’ images – signage, letterhead, business card, etc. What would be your recommendation to hooking those together, without going to another page? Would you just place the application below the main image, or something else? thanks so much.

  32. OK, sorry, I do have another question. I’d like to not have the sidebar; I’ve selected full-width portfolio under the template option but I still see the sidebar. have I done it wrong? thanks.

  33. Found a work-around if anybody has the same problem:

    Went to Appearance > Menus
    Created a new menu with home-page untagged
    Under “Theme Locations” chose my new menu as primary menu.


  34. Hey Devin, I’m not able to get the thumbnail to change the cropping. I do the crop but when I hit save nothing happens.

      1. Sorry, to clarify, it’s not the size that concerns me, it’s the position. I have a wide horizontal image, I want the thumbnail to feature what’s on the right hand side so I need to edit the thumbnail crop. The image Options has a crop tool but it doesn’t seem to be functional. Correct?

        Thanks for your time, I hope I can make this work.

  35. Anders again. Sorry, but I am working day and night on this …

    I am trying to make the footer sticky using this solution: http://www.wordimpressed.com/wordpress/put-a-css-sticky-footer-in-your-wordpress-theme/

    I am having some trouble with the div tags and may have found a little error:

    Question: When is the “wrapper” div that is opened in the beginning of the “header.php” supposed to be closed? I have been through it a few times, and it looks like “wrapper” is first closed at the very end of “footer.php”. However, next to the that seems to close “wrapper”, is written and I haven’t found any “page” div at all. Is this an error?

    I think it is because of this I am having trouble placing the footer outside the “container” that is opened with the sticky footer solution I have linked to above.

  36. REPOST: Code disappeared from original post

    Anders again. Sorry, but I am working day and night on this …

    I am trying to make the footer sticky using this solution: http://www.wordimpressed.com/wordpress/put-a-css-sticky-footer-in-your-wordpress-theme/

    I am having some trouble with the div tags and may have found a little error:

    Question: When is the "wrapper" div that is opened in the beginning of the "header.php" supposed to be closed? I have been through it a few times, and it looks like "wrapper" is first closed at the very end of "footer.php". However, next to the </div> that seems to close "wrapper", is written <!– #page –> and I haven't found any "page" div at all. Is this an error?

    I think it is because of this I am having trouble placing the footer outside the "container" that is opened with the sticky footer solution I have linked to above.

  37. Trying to add a page and some content, like “About Us” – but when I “add new” the middle section is empty/missing where i input my title and content, only thing showing is the right sidebar where i can publish it. Weird, any ideas?

  38. Hi, thanks a lot,
    – I’ d like to have different sections, every one displaying only its thums but I don’t want a menu like “portfolio” including “illustration” “print” ecc and I tryied with the portfolio tags but no results.
    all the portfolio items appear in all the pages wich I assigned the porfolio template to.
    – i’d like to do something like this http://www.hofmandujardin.nl/index.php?HofmanDujardin=02&language=nederlands, do you think is it possible?
    cheers, malica

    1. How are the portfolio tags not working? It should be able to exactly what you have in the link. Go to your tag archive for, say, “interiors” and it will show only the items tagged with that.

  39. Hi Devin!

    In the menu of the “Options Framework” i have no option to use no menu. Is this a bug? reinstalling the plugin didn’t change anything.

    Thx for your help!

      1. Ah. You don’t want a sidebar to load on any of the pages? I don’t have that available as an option. You could just leave all your widgets blank. Otherwise you’ll need to customize the code a bit.

  40. Hello!

    I tried to replace manually the title of my website with a logo. It works on the main page but when i go to other pages, the logo disappears…how can i fix this?

    I know that i can upload a logo in options but since i am in a restrained database, i cannot use the picture uploader….

    1. You should just be able to strip out the conditional logic in the header that displays the logo, and then put your own logo in. It displays an h1 on the home page, and a span on interior pages for SEO reasons- so that’s likely what tripped you up.

  41. A small “bug”:

    When the user is watching a portfolio post, the main menu marks the home page as the active link, even if it is not.

    I.e. if you have set your home page (is_(home)) to something other than your portfolio page, the wrong page will be highlighted in the menu.

    The problem is also there on the template’s own demo site. When you are watching a portfolio post, ‘About’ is highlighted.

    Any way to avoid this?


    1. Can anyone help. Have spent hours and hours.

      See here: http://www.protopolis.dk/wordpress/projects.

      If you click on one of the portfolio items, the main menu indicates that the current page is “News” which of course, it is not.

      “News” is set as my “posts page” and I can see the individual portfolio pages are also “posts”. I suspect this is why WordPress thinks it is actually on the “posts page” when it is in fact on a portfolio page.

      But I can’t figure out how to fix it. Would LOVE some help …

      1. Nice customization of the theme. It looks like WordPress is applying current_page_parent to that menu item. I have no idea why either. A quick fix would be to remove the css that sets that. I won’t have a chance to dig into soon but I’ve filed it as an issue. Perhaps you could post this in the WordPress forums.

      2. Thanks Devin. In an ideal world I would like the ‘projects’ page to be the current_page_parent when viewing a portfolio page, so I was pulling my hair out trying to do that with PHP.

        But it’s no biggie, so as suggested I’ve just removed the CSS to not underline page_parent at all. Thanks again!!

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