Texture Pattern


This repeatable background texture was built off a photo I took in Antigua, Guatemala. You can use any of the tiled images below, or download the .psd and make your own colors. No attribution needed. Enjoy. (The white texture is being used as the background on this post.)

Download the Photoshop File

I am the original photos into a set on Flickr (creative commons).

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I'm a WordPress developer based in Austin, Texas. Follow my projects on GitHub, or more general WordPress ramblings as @devinsays on twitter.

2 thoughts on “Texture Pattern

  1. Hi Devin,
    How do I add one texture to my body, and an other to my header?
    Wanted to try yours but can’t find any image in header or style.css…

    • Devin wrote:

      If you don’t have an image on the body tag, you can always add one:

      body { background-image:url(images/background.jpg); }

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